Tier 2 global suppliers of engineering services and multi-technology components for the automotive industry.

Specialized in the automotive industry, we have top-quality engineering skills and we offer our clients turnkey, innovative and competitive added-value solutions.



MEK is a leading company in the automotive components industry. Our combined skills allow us to offer we are able to offer our customers a number of personalised solutions.

|  Engineering



Area specialised in the supply of added-value engineering services:

‣ Product engineering
‣ Process engineering

|  Machining


Area specialised in the manufacture of machined metal components:

‣ Transfer Machining
‣ CNC Machining
‣ High-precission turning and grinding

|  Material conforming



Area specialising in the manufacture of non-ferrous metal parts and sintered steel:

‣ Forging and hot-stamping of non-ferrous metals
‣ Sintered steel




In MEK we design and manufacture added-value metal components for a wide range of international customers.

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