Hydraulics & Pneumatics

The quality of our products stems from customer-MEK collaboration. This process enables us to fully understand the purpose of the product and its technical specifications. Together, we can carry out a parts design re-engineering process with a view to obtaining the optimum solution for our customers.

Hydraulics & Pneumatics



MEK is a leading company in the design and manufacture of components for the hydraulics and pneumatics industry. Our combined skills mean we are able to offer our customers a number of personalised solutions.

| Engineering



Area specialised in the supply of added-value engineering services:

‣ Product engineering
‣ Process engineering

| Machining


Area specialised in the manufacture of machined metal components:

‣ Transfer Machining
‣ CNC Machining
‣ High-precission turning and grinding

| Material conforming



Area specialising in the manufacture of non-ferrous metal parts and sintered steel:

‣ Forging and hot-stamping of non-ferrous metals
‣ Sintered steel




In MEK we design and manufacture added-value metal components for a wide range of international customers.