MEK launches a new expansion and development project at its plant in Mingli (Yancheng-China)

By means of a contract of 7 years and 16 million units, machining project of Bracket CIE for common-rail, whose final client are different firms that compose the Groupe PSA, started with the initial implementation of a machine in Spain for the European market. Once the technology is assimilated, MEK faces the challenge of installing a second machine for the supply of the Chinese market.

Common-rail technology is one of the main stakes carried out successfully by the final client Groupe PSA, on account of the low media consumption obtained in the range of utility automobile while CO2 emissions are reduced. 

MEK is positioned in this way as a world leader in the machining by rotary transfer machines, technology that has in its plants located in Mallabia (Spain), Erfurt (Germany) and now in Yancheng (China). Until now MEK Mingli company has only manufactured products for the furniture and appliance sector since 2006.

For this, the plant of Mallabia and Mingli work together in order to develop and implement an automotive project named High-Tech Automotive Fuel Injection Part whose client is CIE Automotive.

From last Monday, 2nd of May we have the presence of three employees of MEK Mingli in the plant of Mallabia. Since their arrival, these three employees work together with technicians of the plant of Mallabia in order to receive the necessary training for the development of the mentioned project.

Taking into account the complexity of operation and control of rotary transfer machines, MEK creates MEK School. A school which will educate and train specialized professionals in the field, providing knowledge, development and innovation in new projects and the improvement of the already industrialized ones. The main goal of this school is to train and prepare students in the knowledge of the rotary transfer technology, manipulation of machines by CNC, etc.

After this first phase of training, employees of MEK Mingli and project managers are going to travel to the plant of Pfiffner in Thalwil (Switzerland), leading manufacturer of rotary transfer machines used by MEK in its automotive projects, where the adjustment and overhaul of the machining process is going to be accomplished for the subsequent implementation of the machine HS-16 in China.

This high-tech machine with 38 axes controlled by CNC is the first of its characteristics which is installed in the Chinese market, where 23 million cars were produced in 2015.

Knowing this market volume, MEK seeks to enter by the hand of CIE Automotive in the auxiliary automotive sector, being aware of the qualitative and quantitative leap that this project entails. After this, MEK expects to increase its fleet of machines with two other projects over the years 2017 and 2018.




Mek公司在旋转式机器的加工制造,技术方面为世界领先地位。其工厂有位于西班牙的Mallabia,德国的Erfurt以及中国的盐城.2006年截止现在,MEK 铭力公司仅生产家具家电用产品。

为此,MEK Mecable and MEK铭力共同合作,以制定和实施命名为高新技术汽车燃油喷射配件的汽车项目,其客户委托人就是CIE 汽车。



培训第一阶段之后,铭力的员工及项目经理将要前往位于瑞士苏黎世的Pffifner工厂,它是旋转式机器的主要生产厂家,机器由MEK Mecalbe公司用在其汽车项目中。其中该机械的调整及检修进程将为随后的HS-16中国机器执行去完成。


了解到这个市场的需求,MEK试图通过CIE汽车项目在辅助性汽车领域进军,也意识到这个项目需要进行定性和定量的飞跃。在此之后, MEK预计从20172018年快速增加机器与另外两个项目。

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