MEK subscribes Eibar Sports Association shares

The company, which has its origins in Eibar (Basque Country) and with facilities in Mallabia (Basque Country), carries out automotive industry machining. It has decided to support the Eibar Sports Association by making all its employees in the Mallabia, Germany and China facilities shareholders.

he company is supporting the Eibar club based on its background and has purchased shares prior to the end-of-season league results and the hoped-for promotion. Mecalbe feels a connection to the team’s exemplary history, it’s administration and the capacity shown by players and technicians who are all one big family. No matter what the end result, they deserve the support shown by fans, companies and the entire Eibar community.

The club is continuing with its marketing campaign which aims to inform people of the need to support the values which the entity and local community hold dear.
The campaign encourages people to support the club. With its many shares, the Eibar club will aim to reach out to not only the Eibar community but to national and international communities in order to successfully achieve a capital increase.

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