MEK y la tecnología AdBlue

With its machined products, MEK is helping to reduce damaging diesel engine emissions.
MEK (Metal Engineering Knowledge) and its client develop components for the unit incorporated in the SCR AdBlue diesel gas emission reduction component with a capacity of million units a year in order to comply with the 2016 Euro 6 emission standard.
Following fears in the market following VW’s unethical hiding and modification of emissions data in its vehicles, we hope that this solution will be put into use as soon as possible in all engines with the aim of achieving a better and cleaner world. Captura de pantalla 2016-06-01 a las 18.11.33
AdBlue is injected into the vehicle’s SCR catalyst emissions for the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) chemical process. SCR technology is used to reduce damaging emissions from diesel engines and is the only way of complying with the future Euro 6 emissions standard and the 2010 Environmental Protection Agency standards (North America). The manufacturers of the heaviest components have already implements SCR technology.

Captura de pantalla 2016-06-01 a las 18.12.01SCR technology
SCR is a reliable way of neutralising your engine’s toxic emissions. This post-treatment release technique converts nitrogen oxides (NOx) into nitrogen gas (N2) and water using urea or ammonia solutions. The first SCR systems were designed for industrial use (in boilers). However, as the technology progressed, the automotive industry began using SCR systems in diesel engines. The SCR system was used in lorries and buses and gave extraordinary results. The latest in SCR technology includes applications for diesel engines, boats and gas turbines as well as agricultural, construction and refinery equipment.
SCR and AdBlue
SCR engines use the AdBlue aqueous urea solution. It is stored in an independent tank in the system and injected into the exhaust emission. This injection generates a chemical reaction in the SCR catalytic convert
er. The result is that potentially dangerous exhaust fumes become safe nitrogen and water vapour, all thanks to AdBlue.