Rua Projects and Services joins MEK Group

This is the first major operation of the Group led by Javier Alcoba after recently consolidating its growth programme with the incorporation of Orza, Valentín Gantxegi and WhiteHole into its shareholders.

MEK ENGINEERING KNOWLEDGE GROUP has begun the roll out of its revised Strategic Plan, one of the main objectives of which is to triple its turnover over the coming years. The Group has acquired the company Rua Proyectos y Servicios S.L. (Rua Projects and Services) in a move that will enable MEK Group to increase and strengthen its supply of solutions in the complex and technical machining sector.

The acquisition will be used by MEK Group to noticeably improve its market position via new clients and by utilising the fresh capabilities that will be brought to its new Mek CNC division. This commitment, led by Javier Alcoba, is directly oriented at growing the Group and strengthening its internationalisation process.

The move is not in vain, since it will facilitate synergies which are nowadays the real production driving force within the Group, such as the current machining processes in the Hydromat rotary transfer machines from Pfiffner, with production in Spain and in MEK Group’s plants in Germany and China. These circumstances will enable the machined manufacturing of medium sized parts in series of up to 600,000 units per year in the SW and Matsura facilities, amongst others.

In Javier Alcoba’s words, the operation “reaffirms our business project’s commitment to growth, strengthens our position in an increasingly competitive market, and allows us to develop continuous improvement policies around expertise, training and excellence”.

MEK Group (previously Grupo Mecalbe) is a leading company in high-value- added machining and production of metal parts for the automotive and hydraulic/pneumatic industries and for the white goods and furniture sector. It currently has 9 production facilities, now including Mek CNC.

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