MEK Group is made up of leading companies in process technologies and metallic materials. It is the result of the fusion between these multi-technological synergies and comprehensive solutions that positions us as an advantageous partner.

The heart of MEK is innovation and competitiveness in metal components for the electric car sector.

Passion for your challenges

Delivery of the best solution in metal components with high added value in the e-automotion sector

Multi-technology synergies

Generators of the most innovative solutions. Which makes us a highly competitive partner.


Anywhere in the world. There are no barriers. Present in Spain, Germany, China and Mexico.

Commitment to a sustainable future

Committed to a vision of social responsibility and a sustainable planet.

Backed by a history of success and growtho

More than 40 years of experience and a growth of 300% in the last 7 years guarantee our commitment.

Near you

• We are your global partner..
• Present on 3 continents.
• 11 productive plants.
• More than 400 people.

We are already their partners

Our disruptive multi-technology synergies are already the best solution for innovative companies that share our e-automotion vision.

Do you want to innovate as they do?

The automotive market evolves towards sustainable and efficient solutions. And so do we.

En MEK estamos involucrados con tus retos. Tu misión es la nuestra.

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