MEK has a production centre dedicated to injected aluminium casting. Our direct liaising with each individual customer allows us to understand every product's purpose and therefore ensure its best technical specifications. This enables us to develop a joint process of "design re-engineering" for the parts to be made, seeking the best solution in each case.

Manufacturing facilities and laboratory

We have different production areas for fusion, injection and pressing in automated cells, shot-blasting, machining and small assemblies.


  • Fusion tower
  • Gas furnaces


  • 200 Tn cell
  • 300 Tn cells
  • 500 Tn cells
  • 750 Tn cells
  • 1,000 Tn cells


  • Frame shot-blasting machine
  • Rotary shot-blasting machine


  • Kitamura CNC 4 palletised axles
  • Mori Seiki CNC 4 palletised axles
  • Doosan CNC 4 palletised axles
  • Robodrill CNC


  • Spectrometry
  • X-ray installation
  • Mitutoyo 3D machine
  • Profilometer
  • EN.AC-46000
  • EN.AC-47100

Our existing partners

Our disruptive multi-technology synergies have become the solution of choice for ground-breaking companies that share our e-automotive vision.

Do you want to innovate too?

The automotive market is introducing efficient and sustainable solutions. And so are we.

At MEK we embrace your challenges. Your mission is our mission.

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