MEK has manufacturing facilities specialising in forging and the hot extrusion of non-ferrous metals. Customer collaboration enables us to gain an understanding of product use and technical specifications. Together, we undertake the design re-engineering process of parts with a view to obtaining the best solution for our customers.

Manufacturing facilities and laboratory

Our facilities are equipped with medium tonnage presses and all the auxiliary machinery required to deliver the optimal product for each one of our clients.


  • Automatic saws


  • Presses from 160 Tn to 560 Tn
  • 300 Tn hydraulic presses


  • Automatic presses
  • Automatic deburring centre with artificial vision


  • Automatic blasting machines (stainless steel shot)
  • Automatic vibrating equipment
  • BRASS: CW617N, CW614N, CW608N…
  • ALUMINIUM: EN AW-1050, EN AW-6082, EN AW-3003, EN AW-7075…

Our existing partners

Our disruptive multi-technology synergies have become the solution of choice for ground-breaking companies that share our e-automotive vision.

Do you want to innovate too?

The automotive market is introducing efficient and sustainable solutions. And so are we.

At MEK we embrace your challenges. Your mission is our mission.

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