The engineering, design and manufacture of sintered steel parts for use in engines, transmissions, and other automotive systems. We specialise in the manufacture of large volumes of parts, which besides their complex geometrical properties, need to meet demanding functional standards.

Manufacturing facilities and laboratory

We mainly manufacture sintered steels without aluminium, brass or stainless components. The maximum lathe size is 70 mm external diameter.

  • Dorst mechanical and electrical presses
  • 600 m/m sintered steel furnaces

We specialise in technical parts with highly complex geometries and demanding functional needs. To this end, a number of materials have been developed to provide major dimensional stability and highly specific metal structures. Raw material evolution according to AISI:


6.8-7 medium-density steels. High carbon steels.

  • High dimensional stability in sintering with a reduction in furnace liquid stage times. This allows eliminating subsequent calibration steps.


7-7.2 High-density steels. High carbon steels, chrome alloys, molybdenum, and nickel.

  • Specific porosity checks leading to controlled metal structures. High surface resistance (700 HV minimum durability) and flexible interiors (400 HV). Highly resistant to wear on gears and friction parts.

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